50 Cent Promises Joe’s POWER Theme Will Return

50 Cent Promises Joe’s POWER Theme Is Coming Back

New York rapper 50 Cent isn’t kidding around. The hip-hop veteran has promised to deliver the original “Big Rich Town” theme song ft Joe when “Power” airs next Sunday.

It also marks the directorial debut for 50 Cent as well, so he is making sure that backlash over Trey Songz “Big Rich Town” ends. Read on since 50 Cent promises Joe’s POWER Theme will return…

CelebNMusic247.com has been campaigning along with many Power fans, and supporters to remove the Trey Songz version of “Big Rich Town” because it just took away from the integridy of the series.

Nobody wanted to see Power go out like that, and after someone made one of the best memes that spoke loud enough for 50 Cent to get the message. He has decided to remove the upbeat Power theme ft Trigga for good.

Fif took to Instagram Monday to confirm singer Joe’s now-classic is back-back. (above) He also posted this message announcing his directorial debut for episode 603:

Fiddy’s friend and comedian Tyhem Commodore weighed in poking fun and 50 Cent about the theme:

50 Cent Promises Joe’s POWER Theme Is Coming Back

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