50 Cent & His Lawyers Going After Young Buck Royalty Checks

50 Cent & His Lawyers Going After Young Buck's Royalty Checks

50 Cent & His Lawyers Going After Young Buck Royalty Checks!

Did you think the feud was over with 50 Cent and Young Buck, think again! Fiddy is going to get Buck where it hurts most, his pockets…

CelebnMusic247.com reports back in January of 2020, Young Buck declared bankruptcy, listing the IRS, his ex-girlfriend, and 50 Cent among his creditors.

Young Buck was able to reach a settlement with his bankruptcy trustees, agreeing to pay $515 a month to settle his debts.

However, earlier this year he was accused of trying to hide a $24,228.14 royalty check which was sent directly to his publishing company.

HHE reports:

That was too much for 50 Cent, who wants the royalty check to go directly to him, instead of through the trustees.

According to 50 Cent and his legal team, G-Unit had advanced Buck $250K for a two-album deal in 2014. But Buck never delivered any albums for G-Unit and instead dropped music on his Cashville label. Therefore, Buck needs to pay them back first and foremost because his musical property had become G-Unit’s.

50 Cent’s lawyer William N. Helou explained:

Under the clear terms of the Recording Contract, the G-Unit Property belongs to G Unit because it owns all of the works comprising such property and [Young Buck] is only entitled to a percentage of the net proceeds G Unit earns from licensing such works. Therefore, the Motion to Compromise should be denied. Here, the compromise is not fair and equitable because the Trustee’s settlement with [Young Buck] is premised on the incorrect assertion that the G-Unit Property is property of the estate. It is not.

A judge will decide on 50’s team’s motion next year.