50 Cent Calls Out Joe Budden


50 Cent Calls Out Joe Budden!?!

50 Cent has taken small jabs here and there at Fox’s hit show “Empire,” saying it got its marketing strategy from his Showtime series, “Power.”

Then Fiddy called it a rap version of “Glee” and has taken various other shots at the series since it’s beginning. However on the season finale Starz was spotted promoting Power in between the OMG season finale so he made it work to his advantage, but that’s not the same for former Love and Hip Hop star Joe Budden because 50 Cent let him have it this week.


CelebNMusic247.com caught wind that 50 Cent Called out Joe Budden via VladTV who reports:

During the “Empire” season finale, an ad for “Power” ran that included the tagline “Empires are built on Power,” a not-so-subtle reference to the show that pretty much everyone who saw the commercial caught.

Jersey rapper Joe Budden caught it as well, and tweeted out that he thought it was petty, followed by an “lol,” indicating that it was clearly not to be taken seriously. 50 saw the tweet, however, and proceeded to call out Budden, calling him a b*tch and saying he thought they were cool.

Joe sounded off on 50 Cent claiming that Empire stole his his series Power style that airs on Starz:


50 caught wind and Barked back calling Joe a B-tch – check it:



50 continued to bash Budden saying:




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