2 New Accusers Blame R. Kelly of Alleged Sexual Misconduct

2 New Accusers Blame R. Kelly of Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Today, 2 new accusers are blaming R&B crooner R. Kelly of sexual misconduct.

Attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference in New York pointing the finger at R. Kelly for sexually violating them. Read on for the tea spill, because we have questions…

CelebNMusic247.com reports R. Kelly is once again being accused of sexual misconduct by two women who told their story for the first time hoping to encourage other victims to come forward as well.

First, we want to point out that the women that R. Kelly is having his way with sexually are groupies and fans who wanted to go backstage and meet the singer. If you are a young girl and want to meet a rapper, R&B singer, rock, pop or country star backstage, it means “SEX!” Let’s STOP being NAIVE about groupies having sex with their favorite singer. If women continue to put themselves in this situation and do the sex acts requested by an artist that is their choice.

We say this because this “victim” points out that her friend said, “NO I DON’T DO THAT” and left the room and went into the bathroom. It is called choice, drunk, high or whatever, if you give brain or open your legs to a celebrity or athlete lets call it what it is, “a groupie wanting sex with that celebrity.” NOT all these cases are sexual misconduct.

2 New Accusers Blame R. Kelly:

The woman who is NOW claiming R. Kelly manipulated her into oral sex and intercourse is now claiming that drugs and alcohol clouded her judgment at age 16. Yes, she was a minor at the time of the incident back in 1995. It also means she is 39-years-old now, 23 years later.

Of course, Allred, who is gunning for a victory, says the women’s story fits a pattern of predatory conduct by Kelly. Gloria wants to deliver a stern message to him — you have nowhere to run or hide, and you’re not going to get away with this anymore.

The alleged victims (16 and 15) claims they went to an R. Kelly and LL Cool J concert and after-party in Baltimore and Kells singled them out. She is also pointing the finger Kelly’s crew gave them drugs and alcohol despite being underage before shuttling them to Kelly’s hotel afterward. She says Kelly paid their cab fare was for them to get there. – TMZ

Here is the proof if the radio stations can go back and pull the audio:

The woman alleges the 2 called a local radio show to tell them they were sitting in R. Kelly’s hotel room and even made it on the air … before the singer arrived. When he did, the woman claims his penis was exposed and he quickly got the teenage girls on his bed and tried to coax them into a threesome.

She says her friend declined and went to hide in the bathroom, and that’s when Kelly had sex with her without her consent. The woman says Kelly left the room shortly afterward and they never heard from him again.

Earlier this week, Michael Avenatti handed over an alleged sex tape of R. Kelly with a minor to Cook County’s State Attorney’s Office

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