Yung Joc Baby Mama Family Tree

Yung Joc Baby Mama Family Tree!!!

Last week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we all got a closer look at Yung Joc’s extended family, but which kid belongs to who, so we have the Yung Joc Baby Mama Family Tree.

Yung Joc has 4 baby mamas and 8 children. Yeah, Joc loves the ladies and like Biggie “he has enough to feed the needy.”

Anyways, last week Joc had major drama when he brought his “suga mama” around his four baby mama’s Sina, Fatimah, Carla and Alex.

So we wanted to break down Joc’s kids. He may be the common link for all four ladies but which kids belong to which ex baby mamas club?

KD may NOT like the baby mamas club, but those are the women who have kids with Joc, so she will have to understand of step.  It’s NOT fair that she acts the way she did on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She claims that it’s about respect, but in this case Khadijah NEEDS to be respectful to gain respect. 

Sina is the only one still married to Joc, but she NEEDS to blame him since he seems to be a polygamist, because we don’t see him being monogamic ever. 

Take a look at our Yung Joc baby mama tree below:

Yung Joc and baby mother #1 Fatimah with their 15-year-old son Amoni:


Joc with wife Alex and his 12-year-old daughter Ja’Kori:


Here is Joc’s son with Alex, Amir and their youngest daughter Chase.


He’s 9 and Chase is 5-years-old:


Joc with his twins (with baby mother #3 Carla), Cadence & Camora, who will be 2 in August:


Here is KD’s nemesis, Sina (baby mother #4) with her twins with Joc, Eden and Allon, who are 1-years-old:


What do you think of Joc’s family and baby mamas?

That’s a whole lotta loving to keep happy.

In other related news: After quickly calling Joc’s fourth baby mom Sina, “Ho-Sina, things quickly went left and started off of the wrong foot. Sitting down with VH1, find out why KD still defends and stands by her “bold” statement.

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