Yung Berg Trashes Hazel for Leaking Private Pics


Yung Berg Trashes Hazel for Leaking Private Pics!?!

There’s drama surfacing on the breakout storyline on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood since Yung Berg Trashes Hazel for Leaking Private Pics! has learned that Yung Berg and Hazel has officially became enemies and the two are going hard on each other via instagram.

It seems Hazel wanted to get some revenge after putting up with Berg’s cocky attitude, because he’s such a successful hitmaker. His Ego is out of control, and it’s obvious he feels untouchable, but disrespecting Hazel on TV like that is so wrong. We’ve spoke with Berg before and he’s always been a very upfront, honest and real dude. He is very talented at what he does, but if he doesn’t want a chick like Hazel then don’t play her so bad.

But we understand why he went on a smear campaign on Instagram after Hazel releases his nudes of his peen on Instagram. Berg has unleashed his arsenal of verbal attacks and photos against his former FWB Muppet!

It seems the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood machine is hard at work ruining friendships, relationships and more. Thank you Mona Scott-Young for exposing more of hip hop stars of the past decade. What would we do without you and former singers trying to jump start their careers again.

In July, Hazel posted this meme at the time of the ASCAP incident, but then she goes and releases peen pics on Berg? Guess maturity is out the window?


Check the LHHH star feud below:



He adds:


To be honest, Love and Hip Hop New York and Altanta are amazing shows, but the Hollywood series seems to be a bit lackluster and somewhat contrived with the cast, because it seems slightly scripted and the scenes seem too set up.