Younger Star Nico Tortorella Speaks on His Gender Identity

Younger Star Nico Tortorella Speaks on His Gender Identity

Younger Star Nico Tortorella has a lot on his mind these days and he is letting the world know exactly who he is, what he is about and what he stands for.

For starters, Nico Tortorella makes it clear he’s “a gender non-conforming, happily married, polyamorous pansexual.” Read on…

Younger Star Nico Tortorella Speaks on His Gender has the latest on Nico Tortorella speaks on his gender identity and being the last generation to know what life was like before the Internet.

In a series of posts on social media, Nico Tortorella explains that right now he’s “stuck in a really interesting place right now in my own education and journey and it’s something that I work on every day, but it’s exciting.”

The Younger heartthrob goes on to say that his “fluidity far transcends my sexuality and my gender identity.” He adds, “It’s everything I am, and everything I stand for. It even saddens me that we’re in this place in the world that we have to fight for these things right

Nico talks about being the last generation to know what life was like before the Internet and how the change is so beautiful.

He states:

I think really with social media and the interconnectivity of all of us, we are able to talk about it and find our tribe in a way that hasn’t really existed before and that is so beautiful. We’re living in the last generation that will ever know what life was like before the Internet, which is fucking crazy to think about. The exponential rate at which we’re moving towards this singularity is so magical but so crazy. I think gender and sexuality are just part of that.

When it comes to his sexuality Nico Tortorella is following the lead of many men in Hollywood who are now claiming they’re pansexual since they don’t want to be labeled gay.

My name is Nico Tortorella and I am a gender non-conforming, happily married, polyamorous pansexual. In other words, I have always been a mouthful. My sexual freedom has always been a work in progress. Isn’t everything? Let’s unpack that. What is sexual? Is it in the physiological processes or does it relate to gender? Is it simply bodily or straightforwardly cultural? Is there a world in which it can be all of it plus more? Sexual starts with sex. And anything that starts with sex is going to be messy.

He reflects on getting his first Playboy in 2000.

Tortorella explains:

My mom bought me my first Playboy in 2000. I was 12 years old, and it was the December Gala Christmas issue with pink neon-lit Carmen Electra lettering, the bombshell brunette perched in a silver ornament wearing nothing but sequined pumps. The sex oozed. I remember jokingly picking it up at the convenience store (not so ironically named The Family Pantry) just blocks from my house when my mom asked me if I wanted it. Without question, as a curiously libidinous adolescent, I said yes. Apparently, this really was The Family Pantry.

He goes on to explain his breakdown of the binary construct of gender:

He continues to explain:

Through my own public education on sexuality and the queer community, I have begun to break down the binary construct of gender, male and female, and its emphasis on “division.” It is no secret that we are markedly divided here in the United States and abroad. Binary pronouns “he” and “she” tend to be divisive, which is one of the many reasons I have started using they/them pronouns for myself.

And when asked if my pronouns are plural I say yes: I am a multidimensional dynamic human being. We all are. While the language we may use to describe ourselves is ever-changing, gender non-conforming people are not “new” nor are we a “trend.” Historically, in every corner of the world, multiples genders have been recognized, celebrated and worshipped by indigenous peoples. Because of colonialism and coercive religious indoctrination, alternative understandings of gender and sexuality have been demonized and erased.

He reveals that there are 71 gender options are available on Facebook these days:

Today, 71 gender options are available on Facebook. Everyday younger generations are rewriting terminology for identity and expression, and I can’t help but beam with pride. This isn’t a new fad; this is the reawakening of what has always been through the social media revolution.

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