Young Thug Continues to Toy With His Sexuality

Young Thug Continues to Toy With His Sexuality

Rapper Young Thug still has many people quesitoning his sexuality, but does it really matter?

If you F with his music, then who cares if he likes men or women, apparently some poeple do and this is why Young Thug continues to toy with his sexuality…

Young Thug Continues to Toy With His Sexuality reports that Young Thug had everyone up in arms when he posted “f— me daddy” on social media with his toungue out in estacy.

Regardless of what he does in the bedroom, King Slime aka Young Thug has to be incredibly confident in his sexuality to play around with it in this way, either way.

Young Thugger has kids and his ex is a woman, but so do a lot of gay men, so that means absolutely nothing. More than likely, Young Thug is gender-fluid, since this is the era of the open to all policy.

Young Thug’s fans still call him the G.O.A.T. no matter what so like we said it doesn’t matter.

Both Gunna and 6lack posted “Rolling on the Floor Laughing” emoji.

Here is what his fans are saying to the post:

One fan writes:

You stay ruffling peoples feathers…

Another made a remark about Birdman since his sexuality has been dubbed gender-fluid over the years.

Birdman rubbing hands right now.

But his jokes rubbed some ppl the wrong way:

Anybody who think his behavior is ok is gay right along with him.

The comments even caused debates within the section:

You, not a true fan if you don’t know thugger trolling

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