YBN Almighty Jay Face SLASHED in Street Robbery

YBN Almighty Jay Face SLASHED in Street Robbery

Rapper YBN Almighty Jay just got a smiley slash on his face after being jumped and robbed in New York.

Read on to get the details on YBN Almighty Jay face slashed and hospitalized. WARNING photo is graphic on the flip…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that YBN Almighty Jay face was cut badly by broken Henny bottle and is still currently hospitalized.

According to reports YBN Almighty Jay was allegedly robbed Friday night by a group of New Yorkers.

There is a video that appears to show Jay getting jumped Friday night has surfaced online. In the clip, he’s seen running away while the narrator curses him out and rants about an alleged incident that took place on an elevator.

In a second video, YBN is seen sitting on the ground as assailants attempt to kick him, rob him, yelling:

Is that the YBN n***a? Take his chain!

TMZ reports:

The fight began outside of a Saks store, where Jay was shopping with his friends TJ Porter and Bay Swag. Then, another rapper named Lil TJ walked into the store with his crew and an altercation ensued, spilling onto the street. At first, it seemed like Jay and his friends were handling the skirmish well, but then later, when Jay got separated from his friends, he was chased and beat up.

The police were called but no one wanted to report the crime.

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