Yandy Faces Dark Days Without Mendeecees

(CelebNMusic247-News) Yandy Faces Dark Days Without Mendeecees

While Erica is setting it off and Rich Dollaz shows us his Diddy side, Yandy is playing the waiting game for her future husband Mendeecees.

To recap:

Yandy Smith is playing the waiting game while Mendeecees Harris is in federal custody.  He calls her from a penitentiary in Ohio, and he’s very sad to have to go so long between hearing his boys’ voices.

Mendeecees urges Yandy to be strong and not let his sons see her cry.

She tries to balance the conversation by not allowing Mendeecees to know how upset she is while, in turn, not upsetting him with all of the things he’s missing out on while in jail.

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