Wu Wednesday – Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah – Rainy Dayz


Wu Wednesday – Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah – Rainy Dayz

Warner Bros. announced that every wednesday they will be dubbing it Wu Wednesday dropping cuts from Wu Tang Clan.

All in promotion of the Multi million dollar Wu Album that will be going up for auction to the highest bidder and their 20 year anniversary album set to drop in the summer.

Check the meme from Warner Bros.

“Its Wu Wednesday Wu fam so you know that means we have a special music choice for you today! We bring you Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah with their song titled “Rainy Dayz”! This song debuting in 1996 was one of the very few collaborations at the time that were so metronomically perfect. The easy going precision of Raekwon’s flow sets you in the right mood as Ghostface adds that raw feel! They both deliver the intensity to really make you think about the meaning behind what they are saying in their rhymes! True lyricists at their finest! Salute to our brothers, let us know your thoughts on our music choice!”

Wu Music Group

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But nothing isn’t complete without some wu wisdom: On Tuesday’s – that means we leave you with a daily dose of #WuWisdom .

We’ve provided a passage from “The Wu-Tang Manual” which we believe will inspire everyone as well as gaining insight on the way of the Wu and enlightenment. We hope you can relate as much as we do. Spread wisdom and understanding to all to create a better life. We hope you enjoy, let us know your thoughts! – Wu Music Group

“You can break Ch’an Buddhism down to three basic ideas. One is that every person has an inherent Buddha nature inside-any-one can become enlightened. Two, there’s no one single path to enlightenment, everybody has to find his own way. Three, it’s almost impossible to reach enlightenment solely through the exchange of words.

 In 1999, I went with Sifu to the other Shaolin, the one in China. I went to the original Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of kung fu. It’s over fifteen hundred years old. I got to be the first MC to perform there. When we went to Shaolin, Sifu said to me,  ”This is your home. Welcome home.”  He doesn’t always speak great English, but it’s like what he says i already know.  On that trip, we also went to Wu-Tang mountain in Hebei Province. That’s where i met the Abbot of the OTHER Wu-Tang. He hit me with a tape of music from their Wu-Tang. I can’t really describe what that trip was like other than to say one word: Enlightenment .–  The most important sutra is called the Diamond Sutra. They call it that because the wisdom that’s contained in this sutra could cut diamonds – that’s how laser-sharp it is. And that sutra says,  ”‘What do you have to teach Buddha?’ and Buddha says, ‘I have nothing to teach.’”                  

– “You have to learn it on your own” – RZA (The Wu-Tang Manual)