World Star Hip Hop CEO Lee O’Denat Cause of Death REVEALED

World Star Hip Hop CEO Lee O’Denat Cause of Death REVEALED


The Hip Hop industry was in shock when World Star Hip Hop CEO Lee O’Denat died suddenly at a massage parlor in San Diego back in January. Now his Cause of Death has been REVEALED.

Find out what happened to World Star Hip Hop CEO Lee O’Denat

World Star Hip Hop CEO Lee O’Denat Cause of Death REVEALED

According to reports, the 43-year-old Lee O’Denat death was investigated by The San Diego County medical examiner’s office.

After an extensive investigation on World Star Hip Hop CEO death, their findings confirmed that he had died of natural causes. However, the toxicology report has recently been made public and it details what actually led to his death.

World Star Hip Hop CEO Details:

It was discovered that “Q,” had a heart condition that he took medication for and that 8 years prior, per his sister. Lee O’Denat died of a heart attack. We hope there wasn’t a happy ending involved that caused his death, but the corner would have spotted that. Just a weird thought

Per the LA Times:

“During the autopsy, the investigator found a severe buildup of plaque in his cardiovascular system as well a metal stent near his right coronary artery. The investigators identified morbid obesity as a contributing factor. The 345-pound O’Denat also had an enlarged liver and fatty liver disease.”

Toxicology tests showed that cannabinoids were present in Q’s system at the time of death, but no other drugs or alcohol were present.


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