A Woman Tries to Use #MeToo Movement Against Jamie Foxx

A Woman Tries to Use #MeToo Movement Against Jamie Foxx

Hold up, what? A woman has accused Jamie Foxx of slapping her in the face with his penis?

Read on to get more tea spilling on Jamie Foxx

A Woman Tries to Use #MeToo Movement Against Jamie FoxxCelebNMusic247.com is hearing a rumor that Jamie Foxx is being accused of slapping a woman with his dick. #SMH

Actor-musician Jamie Foxx has responded to the allegations calling them an “absurd” lie.

Here is what is being reported:

The alleged incident took place in 2002, but the woman making the claim only went to Las Vegas police last week.  The woman claims she and a friend were partying at the Oscar winner’s pad when he allegedly asked her for oral sex.  She claims that when she refused, Foxx slapped her face with his penis.

Sorry to say, but the status of limitations is up for her. Las Vegas has a cap on assault claims of three years. It’s been 16! Foxx will be slapping her with a lawsuit for making false claims after the woman tried to use the #MeToo Movement for a money grab.

We are NOT believing this story and if it is true why is she now coming forward – it’s been 16 years since the alleged incident took place.

Second, if it did occur how does anyone know that Foxx did that. If it wasn’t that serious back then, it’s NOT that serious now. We feel that she is just trying to pull a money grab on Foxx because of the #MeToo movement.

What do you feel about these claims? Foxx had this to say to TMZ cameras:

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