Winter Ramos Drops Explicit Excerpt About Game

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Winter Ramos Drops Explicit Excerpt About Game

Winter Ramos joined the world of reality TV as one of the new faces of the casting line up for this season of Love & Hip Hop New York. 

Though Ramos became more of an antagonist character on the show as she did stir things up a bit when she revealed that she would be releasing a tell-all book.

The New York native and Love and Hip Hop New York star got started in the industry at the age of 16, she has been able to see the rise of some of Hip Hop’s greats including the late Notorious B.I.G. – however, Winter takes readers through the highs and lows that she has faced in the industry from dealing with the loss of her lover to the streets, her involvement with a married producer and she opens up about her regrets about her unexpected pregnancy.

Winter also goes into detail about her ups and downs with the men in her life and her decisions  to finish college or pursue her dream as a stylist.

Here’s an excerpt from Winter Ramos’ tell-all memoir Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop:

“We ended up chilling in his room and talking. As we spoke, he kept saying I was ghetto.He  said  that  I  was  so  ghetto  he  couldn’t  understand  chicks  like  me. That was strange. He was supposed  to be from Compton. How much more hood  was  anything  than  that?  But  yet  he  didn’t act  like  it. Honestly, he was  kind  of  corny.  He wasn’t  what  I was used to. Maybe because he was from California, clear across the country from me. Anyway, we drank and smoked as time passed by with him cracking silly jokes. Before I knew it, I was wasted. Not totally wasted but I was getting there. The combination of good weed and wine had done a number on me. But through it all, my mind kept wondering about Jason. I was wondering if he’d  made  it  back  to  the  room  yet….Jason wasn’t there and hadn’t  been  there. I  got  mad. What  kind  of  business  could  he  be handling that would keep him gone all night?

Immediately, I jumped to conclusions and figured he was with  another b*tch,  although  he’d never played  me  like  that  before. Out  of  spite, I returned  to  Game’s  room.  When  Game opened the door he was dripping wet and dressed in just his boxers. His body was tight, and he was tatted up all over. He shut the door and I followed him out to the Jacuzzi. Game hopped in and with no shame, pulled me in with him. The moment seemed weird. There weren’t many times where I was with someone who just chilled in a situation like that. Eventually we just talked, with the jets shooting out pressure all around us; my body leaned back against his chest. They say everything happens for a reason…enough said. I have nothing but the deepest respect for The Game.” 

Winter Ramos’ book Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop is set to be released April 2, 2013.

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