Willie D.

Geto Boys Willie D. Calls Charles Barkley A Sellout


Geto Boys Willie D. attacks the issues within black society and the inner racism the is part of the problem of racism by calling Charles Barkley A Sellout in his song “Coon”!!!

Wait until you watch Willie D new video “Coon” on the flip…

Willie D.

More than 30 years after the Geto Boys debuted, Houston Rap Legend Willie D., a founding member of the Houston-based group the Geto Boys, is still going hard in 2016, is schooling and teaching with his new song and video “Coon”!

CelebNMusic247.com came across the latest video by Willie D. who is making some valid points about Stacey Dash, Charles Barkley and other blacks who have turned their backs on their heritage and roots.

With Donald Trump gunning for President in 2016, we need to wake up and realize self hating on ourselves and others in the black community is NOT the answer. That is what the government wants black society to do. Black is Black and no matter how many skin bleaching sessions you get, underneath it all, you are still black and Houston Rap Legend Willie D. is taking a stand and pointing out the problems.

Here are the lyrics so you can get a taste of what the Houston rap legend is spitting on the mic:

“Listen up Charles Barkley/You light skin but still calling you a darky/The only reason that they put the mic in your face/Is so you can do they dirt and talk down on your race/TNT made you big put you on a wig/Now you’re acting like you never had trouble with pigs/You kissed a man in the mouth for reals dudes that’s a no no/When you gon’ come out the closet you f-cking homo”

Watch the new video “Coon’ by Willie D below:

We can’t wait to see if former NBA Phoenix Suns baller Charles Barkley and white washed Stacey Dash will weigh in on his remarks.

Man could you imagine if Scarface joined Willie for a verse or two?

What do you think about Willie D’s video Coon? Do you agree or disagree?


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