Why Is Viola Davis Criticized For Promoting Interracial Love?

Why Is Viola Davis Criticized For Promoting Interracial Love?

Actress Viola Davis is coming under fire by the Black community for promoting her new movie Widows where she has a love scene with actor Liam Niesen.

This is what is wrong with the black community and the white community. Love is love people. We all want to love and be loved there is NOTHING in the rule books that says we can’t date interracially. If you believe that its wrong then you are a racist! Read on to see why Viola Davis makes complete sense on why there is NOTHING WRONG with dating someone out of your race…

CelebNMusic247.com reports we support Viola Davis views about dating out of your race, especially since she is speaking about her role in the upcoming Widows.

Viola Davis points out that her role in Widows is NOT a cliche part like Hollywood likes to dish out to black actresses.

She didn’t have to play a prostitute, slave or crackhead. No, she plays a wife in love with a white man.

Viola has been criticized in the past for saying that Hollywood needs MORE interracial couples in movies. This weekend she explained WHY she felt the need for more such movies.

In fact, According to Viola, she feels that movies should show more White “hunks” with regular Black women – like herself. Viola believes that it sends a positive message to viewers.

We agree with Mrs. Davis because Hollywood NEEDS to realize people date interracially and it NEEDS to be represented. Maybe that would help the racist people in the world to realize there is NOTHING wrong with having different backgrounds. Opposites attract.

We date interracially and we think that Viola is pointing out an issue with the society that needs mending.

In real life, Viola Davis is currently married to an African American man, Julian Tennon.

The award-winning actress said:

I don’t care how much people say they’re committed to inclusivity — they’re not committed to [showing an interracial couple in that way]. [In the opening shot of the film, you] have a dark-skinned woman with a big nose and wide lips and all of that and her natural hair kissing, romantically kissing, a Whiteman onscreen.


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