Why Did Director Tony Scott Jump to His Death?

(CelebNMusic247) Why Did Director Tony Scott Jump to His Death?

Ridley Scott‘s younger brother and dierector of famed movies like Top Gun, Days Of ThunderTrue RomanceMan On Fire and more,  Tony Scott kills himself by jumping off Los Angeles bridge.

Word is, Scott took his own life jumping to his death of a Los Angeles bridge after finding out that he had brain cancer.

Though, many have assumed a secret battle with depression, but apparently they were incorrect.

According to a source close to the Top Gun director, he had inoperable brain cancer.

What makes no sense is I personally know a family member in the same situation. They were dianosed over 9 years ago and are still thankfully here today.

Even though, Scott chose spare himself a long and painful death at the mercy of a horrible illness. I personally feel its the weak mans escape.

Taking your life is NOT the answer, though Tony Scott must have felt that there was no other way for him to deal with the news. A strong support team of family friends and will power are a major adative when dealing with horrific news such as brain cancer, but he could have at least put up a fight.

As long as there’s time, there’s hope. As long as there’s life, there’s a chance at happiness. As long as you can spend one more moment with the people who love you, life is still worth living.

NEVER give up hope, NEVER give up and NEVER take your own life, there is a plan no matter how grim it may look. Tony could have taken the herbal route or seeked help out of country. CNM247.com asks; where was his family?

Why didn’t they support him and tell him NOT to take his life or did they NOT know he was up to something tragic?

They found Tony’s Toyota Prius on the bridge, after he scaled a barrier fence and then take his own life “without hesitation.”

Tony Scott died on Sunday after jumping from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the Los Angeles Harbor. He was 68 years old.

Officials have opened a suicide investigation revolving around Tony Scott’s death, although, Scott death was first reported at 12:47 p.m. on Sunday, though his body was not recovered until hours later.

Mr. Winter said in a telephone interview:

“We know that he jumped from the bridge, 200 feet in height.”

“It was reported that several people witnessed him jump.”

Winter adds:

“There was one suicide note found in his office in Los Angeles, and a note found in his car, with names and contacts.” 

Our prayers go out to Ridley and Tony’s family and friends.

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