Why BET’s Reed Between the Lines was Cancelled


(CelebNMusic247 – News) Why BET’s Reed Between the Lines was Cancelled?

Tracee Ellis Ross had a hit with BET’s Reed Between the Lines, but she quit to film a pilot that didn’t get picked up, now Malcolm Jamal Warner reveals all.

She was replaced by Tony Rock for the popular show’s second season, which will NEVER be aired and now Malcolm Jamal Warner is explaining why.

Malcolm Jamal Warner reveals the behind the scenes drama in a recent interview with Access Atlanta:

“There’s really not much to say about Reed Between The Lines. BET decided not the air the second season, even though it was shot. As a result, there’s really nothing to say about the show.”

“None of us were happy to hear [the cancellation.] They had their reasons, a lot of which I don’t understand…. I thought it was a great execution of dealing with a guy who thought he had a perfect family and marriage only to find out there were issues along the way.”

Well we hope it goes straight to DVD or OnDemand so fans of the show can at least see the full second season.

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