What’s Up With Jermaine Jackson Hairline


Ok we’ve seen stranger things, but What’s Up With Jermaine Jackson Hairline because this man needs to look in the mirror.

CelebNMusic247.com has the shockingly strange hairline of Micheal Jackson’s brother that is puzzling us all…

What was Jermaine Jackson thinking when he walked out looking like this, does he not own mirrors in his house?

And who told him he looked good?

When they called for a Tin Man for the recent showing of the Wiz they should have reached out to Jermaine Jackson because he looks like a real life Tin Man.



No disrespect to Jermaine, but what are you thinking man…let the hairline go, because you’re looking a hot mess.

Obviously the Jemaine’s firehose is keeping the ladies distracted since it looks extra long and wide. Hopefully it is enough to keep his woman mesmerized.

Unfortunately for us we can’t get over the hairline and are calling for an emergency makeover. When is Kim Kimble of L.A. Hair or Terry, because Mr. Jackson NEEDS help ASAP!

Jermaine Jackson was spotted looking like the Tin Man wearing a pair of too tight leather pants on Wednesday in Calabasas.

Here is Jermaine Jackson’s hairline in 2013:



And here is Jermaine Jackson hairline 2011:


Each year is gets closer and closer to the center of his forehead. We suggest switching stylish because they making Jermaine look CR-A-A-AZY!

Lord Hear our prayers!

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