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What Chris Rock Was Doing Before The Oscars


While everyone was getting dressed to walk the red carpet of the Oscars 2016, What Chris Rock Was Doing Before The Oscars?

It’s simple really, Chris Rock was doing what any host does, he was out grabbing a bite to eat because we all know how long the Oscar are. Watch the funny video Rock posted and see what he was eating on the flip…

Get this, Chris Rock posted this video of himself grabbing a bite to eat before he had to address the diversity issue in a funny way to all the (white) nominees!

Did you notice Chris Rock‘s rainbow pen? Its all about diversity and tolerance even down to the pen. Tonight’s Oscars are held at the TCL theater in downtown Hollywood.

All eyes will be on Chris Rock speech tonight so we bet he is nervous. He posted a caption on his Instagram that reads:

“Cutting the fat off my monologue #oscars”


What Chris Rock Was Doing Before The Oscars?

Take a look at the video Chris Rock posted on his social media titled it “Oscars Diet”:

Where are we? #Oscars #OscarsDiet

A video posted by Chris Rock (@chrisrock) on

What do you think about Chris Rock video before heading to the Oscars tonight?

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