Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Mistress Gives Birth

Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Mistress Gives Birth

There is new tea spilling on Wendy Williams, who went on air to reveal that she has been staying in a sober house for the past couple months.

Wendy Williams may have been honest about the sober house news, but she hasn’t addressed the real tea that has been all the talk in the streets and that is Kevin Hunter just welcomed a baby with his long-time mistress. Read on…

Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Mistress Gives BirthCelebNMusic247.com has the latest tea spilling on talk show diva Wendy Williams who has been struggling with her sobriety since she is refusing to admit her husband Kevin Hunter is a cheater.

Over the weekend, Kevin addressed Wendy’s admission on her show, but at the same time, more tea has surfaced that his mistress Sharina Hudson just gave birth to his baby.

First, let’s catch you up on everything that has happened leading up to the news of a baby.

Last week, Wendy Williams, 54, told her studio audience:

After I go to the Pilates, I go to several meetings all around town in the tri-state area. I am driven by my 24-hour sober coach back to the home that I live in, here in the tri-state with a bunch of smelly boys who have become my family … I know, either you are calling me crazy or the bravest woman you know. I don’t care.

Kevin Hunter, 47, who has been accused of cheating and abuse allegations told Entertainment Tonight:

Wendy is doing well. We’re doing well as a family. We are moving forward with working on her sobriety and doing the work to help others, not just ourselves,” he said in reference to his wife’s comments on her show earlier this week.

Though Kevin is also showing support, he’s forcing her to live in sober living.

An insider said.

No one thinks it’s the right place for Wendy. She seems so frail and vulnerable. It’s frightening just how completely under Kevin’s control Wendy is … But she won’t hear a word against him. Those close to her are terrified something awful is going to happen. She comes to the set looking terrible.

Kevin Hunter has been helping his mistress Sharina Hudson with her business and more. She is now living in New York according to the Daily Mail.

Now, the tea is this, Kevin Hunter has been cheating on Wendy Williams for a long while and even Charlamagne Tha God is airing some dirty laundry because the Talk show host is denying the truth since she gossips about everyone else.

Like many people, Charlamagne claims that Wendy will lie about Kevin to give the impression that she is living her best marriage and best life.

Charlamagne Tha God said on The Breakfast Club:

All I know is this is sad. I can’t wait to hear the lie Wendy Williams makes up to cover this one. She may say it’s Photoshopped. She may. I’ve never seen him look that happy in a picture with Wendy, though. I want to throw that out there. … Poor man just sucking the life out of Wendy Williams.

Kevin Hunter’s mistress Sharina Hudson just gave birth to his child:

Tasha K spills a whole lot a tea:

Tasha K is now claiming that Kevin and his mistress Sharina Hudson just gave birth to his child on March 20th in New York. She back in the hospital because the baby allegedly had complications so she checked her into Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She also claims that the baby has some issues (it’s alleged that the baby has weed in its system). Unwine also says that Kevin was allegedly under a fake name, though, his mistress is under her own name, Sharina Nicola Hudson.  She goes as far to reveal that she is in bed one in the pediatric ward of the hospital. 

Tasha K is dishing so much dirt its crazy. Oh yeah, Sharina’s family doesn’t know that she had a baby, and Kevin is NOT on the birth certificate because they are trying to keep it under wraps and Wendy doesn’t know about any of this.

She also spills the tea that Kelvin aka Kevin Hunter is also in the middle of an active lawsuit with Aveon Falster who is suing Wendy’s husband for an alleged affair.

Check him singing happy birthday to Wendy Williams on her show. He was signed to Kevin’s label following his performance. According to the streets, Aveon aka PM was allegedly being paid in penis from Kevin.


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