Wendy Williams Husband BUSTED

Wendy Williams Husband BUSTED


Wait, hold up? What in the Wendy is going on here? 50 Cent are you playing or what dude? Tonight, Fiddy took to his social media to call out Wendy’s hubby.

Read on to see what in the Wendy Williams is going on with her Husband Kevin Hunter, BUSTED…

Wendy Williams Husband BUSTED

CelebNMusic247.com just got some tea from 50 Cent who took to Instagram saying, “Busted. Nah these Cartiers, this Pimpin on this side. These hoes gonna get in line. LOL!”

Of course, 50 Cent was poking fun at Wendy Williams and her man, but his jokes was a subliminal poke at Big Kev creeping on her with a side chick.

Wendy Williams Husband BUSTED Details:

Despite, 50 Cent saying Wendy Williams husband BUSTED, its being said that she and Kevin Hunter are closer than ever.  Apparently, Wendy’s health scare on her Halloween episode put things in perspective for Big Kev.

Wendy explained what happened on Wednesday a day after the shocking incident:

“The paramedics are here… It is chaos… I am on the floor… the next thing I know my husband [Kevin Hunter] comes out and collects me and brings me backstage. He knows that what I want to do, and that is, hurry up, giddy up, because I want to come back out here and close the show like the champ I am because I do. And, maybe that is my fault for pushing myself too hard, but I have a hard work ethic.”

If you recall, RUMORS of Kevin cheating or her started surfacing a few week prior to Wendy fainting on national TV.

We can’t get that moment out of our heads when Wendy looked in fear right before gasping and falling to the ground.

Back in September, Bossip reported that Charlamagne Tha God introduced Kevin Hunter to his alleged 10-Year side chick. Meanwhile, The DailyMail posted that Big Kev was getting happy endings from his massage therapist “friend” Sharina Hudson for over 10 years. It’s also been reported that the 32-year-old side chick, Hudson, allegedly lives in a $765,000 four-bedroom house [purchased by Kevin] just 9 miles away from his home with Williams.

In addition to all that tea being spilled, the tabloid also claims that both staff and her friends are disappointed that Williams. They’re sick of watching her stand by her man, instead of dumping him like yesterdays news.

The source said:

“The entire staff were rooting for Wendy when we watched the DailyMailTV story. We hoped that this would be her much needed exit card from her toxic marriage.”

It’s was also said by the source:

“What nobody can understand is why Wendy doesn’t boot him to the curb. She doesn’t need him. He does nothing for her but drag her down. This show would be a much better place if he never came back to the studio.  I mean he bought this woman a house, his name is on her letterbox, when is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time on this marriage?”

To make matters worse for Kev, BOSSIP confirmed that Sharina is from Columbia, South Carolina.

Oh wait, we’re NOT done, Columbia also happens to be where The Breakfast Club’s “architect of aggravation” Charlamagne Tha God was living and doing radio when he met Wendy and Kevin.

This is too much, right?

Hold on, there one more piece to the puzzle.

Sources also confirmed that Charlamagne and Sharina are friends and, wait for it, Charlamagne introduced her to Kevin back around 2006-2007 when the formerly-dark-skinned radio host was working with Wendy!

The proof is in the photo:

Wendy Williams Husband BUSTED

It was always a burning question, “why did Wendy and Charlamagne fall out?” Well it appears it has to do with Big Kev creeping with Char’s girl Sharina. Messy, messy, messy! We get it Wendy, trim the fat and cut the fake friends loose!


We’re speechless.

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