Weed Helped Eve Sign Deal with Aftermath

Weed Helped Eve Sign Deal with Aftermath

We just got word on rapper and “The Talk” co-host Eve who revealed that weed helped her sign a deal with Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath.

Eve enticed Dr. Dre’s label Aftermath to sign her back in the day by acting as if she had a weed connection in Philly. Read on…

Weed Helped Eve Sign Deal with Aftermath

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Eve told Brett Berish on his Luc Belaire-produced “Self Made Tastes Better” video series.

Eve recalled how her managers Dr. Dre was coming to town:

My managers at the time were the local drug dealers. And they called me and said, ‘Yo, we got [Dre’s] right-hand man coming in town .?.?. You’re gonna act like you’re the weed girl because he wants some weed.’?

Eve recalled asking her pals:

What the hell am I going to do when I got no weed? They said, ‘[We’ll] just put some music on, and you start rapping.’ So we got to this house .?.?. I stood up, they put a tape in, and I started rapping. And the guy was like, ‘What the f?-?-?k .?.?. Where’s the weed?’?

She added:

He finished listening to me, he let me rap, and then he called Dre right there and was like, ‘I think we found our girl.’ That next weekend, I was in LA recording a demo for Dr. Dre.

Eve revealed that her stint with Aftermath was short-lived:

Sadly, “I got dropped eight months later and was back in Philly” after she’d had a big “going-away party.”

Everything happens for a reason because she rebounded by signing with Ruff Ryders.


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