Wack 100 RIPS FAKE NEWS He Was Attacked

Wack 100 RIPS FAKE NEWS He Was Attacked

Wack 100 RIPS FAKE NEWS He Was Attacked!

The Game and Blueface manager Wack 100 is setting the record straight that nobody slapped him or attacked him. Read on to see how Wack 100 RIPS FAKE NEWS reports…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Wack 100 says that “ain’t nobody rushed” him, he is fine.

Wack 100 took to social media to set the FAKE NEWS reports straight after receiving multiple texts and calls asking if he is doing ok.

We previously reported that J Roc allegedly punched Wack several times in the face, then took off. Video of the aftermath shows an angry Wack having to be restrained from going after J Roc by venue security.

Now multiple reports are claiming that Wack 100 is denying J Roc punched him multiple times in the face.

Once he got multiple texts from friends Wack wanted to set the record straight and show that he has no cuts or bruises from the alleged attack.

Wack posted this on Instagram:

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