Vince Herbert NOT FIRED by Remy Ma; In Meeting Today

Vince Herbert NOT FIRED by Remy Ma; In Meeting Today

According to FAKE NEWS, Remy Ma has fired Vince, citing that he is too preoccupied with fixing his marriage with Tamar Braxton.

Let’s not forget Vince Herbert has health issues as well, but as for Remy Ma firing Vince, that is NOT true. Read on to get the details…

Vince Herbert NOT FIRED by Remy Ma; In Meeting Today has the latest from Vince, who reached out to Wendy Williams to give her the REAL NEWS!

The gossip sites have been all over this like flies to ____, claiming that Remy Ma was FURIOUS that Vince Herbert wasn’t keeping his promise to be a “super manager.”

According to the sites, Vince has been allegedly more focused on his impending divorce with Tamar Braxton, leaving Remy and her career to the waste side. It’s also said tht Vince has been do less to nothing but the basics for Remy and she’s not standing for it. She NEEDED Vince to do his job, but since that hasn’t happened she NEEDS to find another manager.

The gossip sites are also claiming, Remy reportedly doesn’t want to get dragged into any of the marital drama going on between Herbert and Braxton.

According to Wendy Williams and her Hot Topics team, Vince and Remy are meeting today to discuss the situation. He has NOT been FIRED by Remy Ma, which was reported by TMZ. Though, he has decided to focus on repairing his marriage with Tamar, so where does that leave Remy and Vince. As we see it, maybe the two should split. Remy Ma needs a manager who makes he a priority and Vince needs to fix his marriage.

We will keep you posted…