Usher Insurance Company Doesn’t Cover The Big H

Usher Insurance Company Doesn't Cover The Big H

Now that the Usher Herpes smear campaign is in full effect no thanks to Quantasia Sharpton, who we’re having a hard time believing since she did NOT contact the virus.

Read on and get the details on Usher insurance company put him on notice that they will NOT pay for the $20 million herpes lawsuit against him…

Usher Insurance Company Doesn't Cover The Big H has now learned that Usher may be losing his insurance coverage because his policy doesn’t cover STDs.

Usher Insurance Company, New York Marine and General Insurance Company filed docs referencing a $20 million case filed in Georgia by a Jane Doe. In this lawsuit, the woman claims that she contracted herpes from Usher after having sex with him at least twice this year.

Wait hold up? Usher is still NOT wrapping it up? Dude WTH? How do we know that she isn’t the one with herpes? Let’s be real, if she’s spreading her legs for Usher, how many other singer is the A is she spread open for.

The insurer points out a clause in the singer’s policy that excludes coverage for the following:

NO COVERED for “bodily injury arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases by [Usher].”

The company also references the lawsuit filed by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom on behalf of a John Doe, another Jane Doe and Quantasia Sharpton … saying it also doesn’t want to pay in that case.

The legal docs continue on stating that the company also has problems with a reported settlement where Usher paid to a woman in 2012 for allegedly infecting her.

According to NYM&G, Usher NEVER disclosed his status when he signed its policy in 2016. The insurance company has refused to cover him in the Herpes suits.

To be clear, Usher’s insurer says it will pay for his defense in the Georgia lawsuit … for now. But if the court agrees with its interpretation of Usher’s policy, it’s not only bailing on him. Though, NYM&G will expect a refund for any and ALL money forked out for his defense.

All this fuss over 9 inches of famous D. Really?