Usher Doesn’t Have Herpes; He’s Preparing Countersuit

Usher Doesn't Have Herpes; He's Prepping Countersuit

We just got word Usher doesn’t have herpes, which is going to throw a wrench in Quantasia Sharpton lawsuit against Usher!

Get this, Usher is ready to countersue Quantasia Sharpton and Lisa Bloom for defamation of character. Read on…

Usher Doesn't Have Herpes; He's Prepping Countersuit has just received word via SandraRose that Usher does NOT have herpes and is gearing up to sue Quantasia Sharpton and Lisa Bloom.

It’s be reported that the “Trading Places” singer is “quietly” building a defamation case against the accusers and their lawyers.

It was previously reported that Usher paid $1.1 million to settle a “herpes” lawsuit in 2012. Since the news was first reported on Radar Online, then TMZ – it’s also been “unproven” since neither outlet providing sufficient proof the lawsuit was actually filed.

Now, Snopes has determined that there are no civil lawsuit of this kind involving Usher:

If this is true, Radar Online and TMZ are fabricating FAKE NEWS. Snopes reached out to Radar Online and asked them to provide the case number of the lawsuit against Usher.  Their article claims was settled with a $1.1 million payment in December 2012, but the lawsuit can’t be found. Radar refused to to respond. 

As for TMZ’s first article, the woman’s lawsuit claims that she and the “Confessions” singer had sex in Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. Once again Snopes could not find any relevant lawsuit in the database of the Fulton County, Georgia Superior Court. No one from the Orleans Parish Civil District Court was able to find any such lawsuit relating to New Orlean.

Despite the sites best efforts, Usher’s side of the story has yet to be told. Therefore,  the claims published by Radar Online and TMZ can NOT be determined as true or false. 

We wish him the best of luck, because this whole thing smells like a pile of do-do!