Usher Herpes Lawsuit: Do You Believe Quantasia Sharpton?

Usher Herpes Lawsuit: Do You Believe Quantasia Sharpton?


There’s some frustrating factors about the Usher Herpes lawsuit. Our team at had a team discussion and made some valid points about the Usher herpes lawsuit!

Read on to see what we came up with in regards to the Usher herpes lawsuit…

Usher Herpes Lawsuit: Do You Believe Quantasia Sharpton? and our team had a discussion about yesterday’s press conference with Quantasia Sharpton and her attorney Lisa Bloom.

First, we all heard that Usher paid off his stylist a few years back (2012) after she claimed he gave her herpes after intercourse.

Herpes is a STD that basically surfaces 24hrs after contact with an infected party, in case none of you know that. If you contract herpes, there is medicine to stop you from having the outbreaks and can make you NOT contagious. The best practice if you have herpes is to use a condom. This way you don’t have to worry about spreading the virus.

What Bothers us about Usher Herpes Lawsuit:

  • Why didn’t Usher wear a Condom?
  • When and where did he have sex with Quantasia Sharpton?
  • How did Quantasia Sharpton have sex with Usher if she was only with him on stage?
  • Why did Quantasia Sharpton boast on social media before the lawsuit?
  • How can Quantasia Sharpton sue if she doesn’t have herpes?

What we spoke about Usher Herpes Lawsuit this morning and this was the consensus:

“If Usher does indeed have herpes, then why is he having unsafe sex with fans?”

If you’re a rapper or R&B star, you don’t have unsafe sex unless you’re an absolute idiot. You have a major career, success and a brand to protect. A person in entertainment has TOO MUCH TOO LOSE, a fan does NOT!  Getting a woman pregnant is the least of your problems. Getting an incurable STD is way more severe. No one wants or needs herpes or HIV. Rappers and R&B singers NEED to protect themselves from fans. How do they know a fan is clean or safe to have sex with? Having sex with another person unprotected is on you! You have to be a blatant idiot to do that. Always ask and alway make the man wear a condom. This way you don’t have to worry about getting herpes or having a breakout 2 – 20 days after you’ve had sex with someone who has the virus.  (Know the FACTS about contracting herpes). Just NOTE: many people may have symptoms so minor they might not realize they have it.

As for All 3 plaintiffs who allegedly had sex with Usher because:

“Raymond [Usher] was a revered celebrity in their eyes who they believed could be loved and trusted.”

All 3 plaintiffs are dumb as shhh for that! They all put themselves at risk even if he did or didn’t have herpes. The old saying goes, “treat everyone like they got it, so you won’t get it!”  The worst part of all this is that Quantasia Sharpton, the BBW at the press conference doesn’t have herpes, but she’s suing anyway.

In 2015, the law changed in California thanks to Charlie Sheen who didn’t disclose that he was HIV +.

The Health and Safety Code 120600 “Yes Means Yes Law” specifically states:

“Any person who refuses to provide information, or who knowingly exposes a sex partner with an STD is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Lisa Bloom took to Twitter to announce the lawsuit:

Usher Herpes Case: No Condoms + Scammers = Lawsuit

Why is Sharpton suing?

Obviously she is looking for a come up off of  Usher. We understand she’s upset. We heard from a inside source that Usher’s camp did see Raymond picked her out of the audience in 2011. She was with him on stage and that was it. The source also told us that his team was with Usher and Quantasia Sharpton the whole time backstage. They were NEVER alone together. He kissed her on the cheek and then sent her on her way. 

Sharpton posted this video as proof that she’s not lying. If she is trying to say that his sweat during “Trading Places” on stage could have infected her, she NEEDS to learn how the virus is transmitted. Watch:

We don’t believe that Sharpton is telling the truth, but now the courts will have to discover this. Such BS!

Sharpton is THIRSTY. She was boasting on social media a week before the lawsuit was announced. #Scammer

Usher Herpes Case: No Condoms + Scammers = Lawsuit

What do you believe, because this all sounds like she is trying to come up off of a story that Usher paid off a woman back in 2012. Why can a woman like Quantasia Sharpton get a lawsuit years after the incident took place. What about statue of limitations? 

Bottom line is this – Sharpton lost all credibility when she announced that she is negative and did not catch herpes, so why is she suing? Judge toss this out!

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