US Marshals CLOSING in on Arresting Rapper Game

US Marshals CLOSING in on Arresting Rapper The Game

Rapper Game is running out of time and is about to be arrest by US Marshals according to reports!

Where did this come from? Well, it appears that rapper Game‘s legal troubles have caught up to him, and he seemingly has no escape. Read on…

US Marshals CLOSING in on Arresting Rapper The is hearing via Bossip that Jayceon Taylor best known as The Game has a performance scheduled tonight in Oregon and U.S. marshalls are prepared to arrest him.

What we are hearing is that this all stems from his reality competition series She’s Got Game where he allegedly groped Priscilla Rainey who won her lawsuit against the Compton rapper.

Rapper Game refused to pay the $7 million owed to  Priscilla Rainey sexual assault case so her attorney’s requested to see his financials, but he has been putting it off for years. Now, he’s screwed.

Bossip reports:

Game’s arrest follows the rapper’s failure to appear in an Illinois federal court. His presence was requested to discuss the reasons behind his refusal to comply with a court order demanding that he turn over his financial records to Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant of his reality show, She’s Got Game.

Rainey launched sexual assault allegations against the rapper and a judge awarded her $7.1 million. Rainey has since claimed she has yet to see a dime of the multi-million dollar payout and requested that The Game turnover his financial documents.

When Compton rapper Game failed to show up to appear in federal court, Judge Gary Feinerman issued an arrest warrant and has reportedly ordered U.S. Marshals to arrest him at the Moda Center where he will be performing this evening.

Lawyers for rapper Game have however requested that the warrant be thrown out “in the interests of justice and equity,” claiming that their client provided the requested documents in a timely manner.


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