10 Reasons to Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock 2017

Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock

There is nothing more awesome, more explosive, more over the top than Monster Energy’s Aftershock Music Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, CA.

Aftershock is everything a rock and metal music fans desires. Now in it’s 6th year the rock music festival is the best place on the West Coast. It is a place where you can indulge yourself with metal madness. Feed your inner rock monster and overdose on music by legendary rock bands this year. Read on for more and find out our 10 Reasons to Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock 2017…

Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock

CelebNMusic247.com loves music, there is nothing better to describe all those perfect moments in your life, but what is awesome is watching those bands who help describe your life.

Are you ready to get Shaken up, thrashed and wrecked from metal madness? do you want to discover new bands and new music? Can you hang with the big boys? Do you have the balls to bang your head and get wild?

If yes, then the Monster Energy’s Aftershock Music Festival is your stomping grounds to do all of that and more!

Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock

Here are our 10 Reasons to Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock 17:

10. You can overdose on great music from over 35 awesome Metal, Rock and Hip Hop bands this year.

9. Discovery Park is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy great music.

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8. There is so much to discover and enjoy like the Caduceus Wine Garden. If you love to drink wine then this is a MUST DO this year. This wine garden highlights Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyards, owned by Arizona resident Maynard James Keenan.

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7. One of our favorites is the The Music Experience; each and every year there is something new to discover. There are so many experience to checkout and enjoy we suggest all of them.

6. Another cool aspect of the Monster Energy’s Aftershock Music Festival is all the booths. There are so many cool items and art you can only find at the festival. Make sure to bring some extra coins to pick up those unique items only found at Aftershock.

Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock

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5. If you want to go in style, we have to suggest the VIP way of doing things. Instead of standing all day, VIP has great outdoor living furniture to chill and relax. Drink watch and enjoy the festival in style.

4. Now that the fest is back home at Discovery Park, the layout is awesome. It is so easy to get around, and like we said before, if you go VIP you can access the whole place with ease.

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Unleash Your Inner Rocker at Aftershock

3. The people, there is nothing more interesting than the fans and festival goers. They make Aftershock great. without the roar of the fans going wild for the bands Aftershock is nothing. So applause to all who go to enjoy great music.

2. We have to give it to Danny Wimmer Presents for putting together such an amazing festival. Without his ingenious vision to give rock music an outlet for fans to enjoy on a large scale none of this would be possible. Aftershock is a unique experience where you can watch all types of rock music at four different stage locations. The layout is great, the festival grounds are beautiful and the experience is something you have to check out. This is the perfect place to see all the bands you want and more.

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1. Most important, one of the best parts is the Aftershock lineup and this year it’s exceptional, especially since Ozzy is there. Not to mention A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails and Five Finger Death Punch. OMG, this year is going to be one of the best we already know. Last year was insane, but this year will be ballistic.