Tyler Perry’s Studio Blaze Revealed

(CelebNMusic247) Tyler Perry‘s Studio Blaze Revealed!

Earlier this week, Tyler Perry’s studio was up in flames for the second time this year.

Welp,  investigators have determined the cause of the fire and you’re not gonna believe the cause of the blaze.

Word is, a careless smoker caused the blaze at the Tyler Perry Studios yesterday.

Can you say; Somebody is GETTING FIRED!

Fire investigators have determined that “careless smoking” caused Monday’s fire at Tyler Perry Studios in southwest Atlanta.

Atlanta Fire Department spokeswoman Marian McDaniel said the latest blaze was confined to a roof of a building at the complex. The building was undergoing repairs to the roof when the fire broke out, McDaniel said.

The building did not sustain any structural damage and no injuries were reported, McDaniel said. It was brought under control in less than an hour. No criminal charges are pending at this time, according to AJC.

The studio should be no smoking from now on.

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