Tyler Perry Over Being Asked About 'Too Close To Home' White Cast

Tyler Perry Over Being Asked About ‘Too Close To Home’ White Cast


If you haven’t seen Tyler Perry ‘Too Close To Home’we recommend that you do. However, Tyler Perry Over Being Asked About ‘Too Close To Home’ White Cast!!!

Flip and find out what Tyler Perry is saying about the backlash he’s receiving for casting mostly white actors…

Tyler Perry Over Being Asked About 'Too Close To Home' White Cast

CelebNMusic247.com feels that people need to get over it, Tyler Perry has every right to hire who he wants for his new TLC drama-series, “Too Close To Home.”

The series is awesome!

But so many people are used to Perry casting black actors for all of his projects that they’re criticizing him for going outside of his norm. We as people NEED to realize without growing and change life is stale.

Tyler is a creative man, who we actually admire for many of his ground-breaking decisions as a director. He has a vision and its genius. He is a true talent and he knows that not everyone is going to like or accept his choices.

The Huffington Post reports:

During a Monday interview on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, the Hollywood director recalled his response to a question he was asked at a press conference about writing the series, which stars Heather Locklear, around a white family.

He told Joyner during the radio interview:

“I’m so sick of folks asking me why I have a show full of white folks.”

“What the hell? Nobody asked Norman Lear why he wrote for black people all those years. Stop asking me that damn question. People are people.”

Perry later elaborated on his thoughts with TMZ:

“If you write a story about a woman and a man who’s having pain and issues and trying to get over things, it’s the same way for a black person as a white person or anybody else, so that’s just ridiculous. People need to let all that go.”

We get it, and Tyler is write. If you don’t like his show then don’t watch, but most of all cut the stupid questions. If you haven’t seen “Too Close To Home” ladies you might want to start watching for Tyler’s new heartthrob Brock O’Hurn.

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