Tyga Music Company Owes Big Money

Tyga Music Company Owes Big Money


Tyga’s problems continue to grow since the rapper seems to be just like Birdman. He apparently NEVER handles his responsibilities and can’t seem to get his legal ducks in a row.

Tyga is bad in hot water, read on…

Tyga Music Company Owes Big Money

CelebNMusic247.com has just learned that Tyga music company owes big money to a concertgoer who sued 2 years ago, but he still hasn’t been paid.

What is sad is that Tyga posts what he buys Kylie Jenner and what he is wasting his money on via the gram. But he doesn’t seem to realize how much of a dumbass he looks like doing the posts.

Own up to your shhh, Tyga and be a man! Isn’t that what Blac Chyna needed you to be?

In case you forgot like we did: Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s co. after a light stand fell and hit her in the head during one of his concerts in Grand Rapids, MI. She says she suffered head trauma and permanent scarring.

Shyanne ended up suing in 2015 and finally scored a victory last year, with a judge awarding her about $235k.

The problem is that Tyga Music hasn’t cut a check yet, and now she’s filed docs to get a judge to force him to pay up. And get this, the amount due has now ballooned, due to interest, to $248,553.

Tyga Music Company Owes Big Money

TMZ reports that this is the third time he’s been hired to collect from Tyga. We hope that she is able to put a lean on all of his assets and take him for way more. He NEEDS to handle his business and move on.

The other problem is that Shyanne is stuck in a long line of collectors. Maybe Sugar mama Kylie can flip the bill since she is a fool in love with a problem.

Tyga Music Company Owes Big Money

Of course, Tyga has made no comment. Lets be honest, he’s a fraud – he love to post photos of stacks in hands and high end cars. Two words – Fake and Fraudulent. The cars are either leased or for a photo shoot. He can’t afford that and if he spent his money on those cars he’s stupid. Stop wasting money cars are a waste, but rappers always floss with dumb shit. Don’t follow their lead or you will be broke without nothing like most rappers like Tyga.


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