Tyga in trouble for NOT paying bills

Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga Facing Possible Arrest


Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga is in trouble once again. This time T-Raww is facing possible arrest after failing to pay a former business partner $1.9 million.

The ruling happened in 2016, after Chuon Guen Lee sued the rapper Tyga in 2015. Read on for the FULL details…

Tyga facing legal problems again owing money

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Kylie’s ex is facing possible arrest after allegedly doing people dirty. T-Raww, born Michael Nguyen-Stevenson, owes Chuon Guen Lee $1.9 million after a court ruled the rapper needed to pay up.

Tyga apparently reneged on an agreement to promote their Last Kings clothing line and secure a distribution deal with popular California-based retail company Tilly’s.


Why Tyga is Facing Possible Arrest?

According to TheMaven (AllHipHop’s new name):

Lee also accused T-Raww of taking merchandise worth more than $500,000 when their partnership fell through, and then setting up a rival company, named Egypt Kings.

She won her bid for damages last year, but T-Raww has still yet to hand over the funds, and now she has filed papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court seeking help in enforcing the judgment.

According to TMZ.com, Lee has been unable to track the 27-year-old down to demand payment, which has since ballooned to just under $2.15 million due to interest.

If the judge signs off on the request, he could face arrest for ignoring the court order.


It’s not the first time the rapper has been threatened with police detainment over an outstanding fee – the only difference is the “Rack City” rapper doesn’t have Kylie Jenner to bail him out anymore.

T-Raww posted on the gram the other day:

“If I can’t get $ with u then fuk ya #bitchimtheshit2”

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