Trump Can’t Get Enough of Trump


Trump Can’t Get Enough of Trump!!!

When it comes to Republican candidate running for President is Donald Trump, but his biggest supporter is himself and Trump Can’t Get Enough of Trump!

Before we go into this, Trump who was allegedly fired from NBC claims that he was the one who told NBC to NOT renew Celebrity Apprentice because he was going to run for President. He states that he is paying for his own campaign and that he is getting offers from everyone now since he is in the lead for President 2016. Trump is leading in Florida, Texas, New Hampshire, and Virgina which should be Bush territory.

Trump has settled his lawsuit with NBC and Celebrity Apprentice will come back with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes Trump’s hit series is coming back to NBC and he will still be making money since he own’s stake in the show. See Donald has made $232 million per season for the past 12 years which helped him become a billionaire.

Why is he so appealing?

Trump Can’t Get Enough of Trump. For some reason, Americans are being lured to the worst man to run this country because they don’t have a clue how wrong he is.

Donald Trump has been successful for himself, made money for himself, became a billionaire for himself, NOT for the people of the United States of America. Trump only talks about his money, being racist, and building a wall to separate the US from Mexico.

Trump has a debate coming on Wednesday. But as usual Trump show boats his fans with more empty promises, misguided plans and his outrageous ideals to make America better.

All we have learned about America lately is that all you have to do is get a lot of money and use it for marketing. Then campaign and tell people what they think they want to hear. The one thing Trump has going for himself is Celebrity Apprentice which helped his fame and now running Trump as President is the worst.

On Monday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center on September 14, 2015 in Dallas, Texas. More than 20,000 tickets have been distributed for the event.

Once again, Trump proves to be racist with a “coming out comment” and his cockiness. He goes on about the critics hating on him. If you listen, Trump just talks to the people about everything but issues. He goes on about how the media hates him. He attacks the media even though he plays a HUGE part in swaying people to believe in him. 

He goes on to debate financial media vs political media naming the journalist and the people who debate about the candidates. Trump only talks about money and financial. 

The questions he NEEDS to answer is what are you going to do for the people Trump???

He talks about Obama being a rock star more than being a President. 

Trump continued to joke that after he presided over the demise of Obamacare, the insurance scheme’s replacement might bear his name.

Donald said near the end of what became the longest campaign speech so far of any candidate vying for the presidency in 2016, after a man in the raucous and riled-up audience called out the imaginary name for an as-yet imaginary new national health care initiative.

Trump replied:

“We’ll go with “DonaldCare.”

Trump mocked President Barack Obama saying:

“We’ve got a president who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing…No challenge poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change.”

Trump quipped, referring to the potential for a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as a consequence of a deal Obama cut this summer with the belligerent Islamist nation of Iran.

He added:

“The biggest threat we have is nuclear global warming, not global warming.” 

But the billionaire politician fired his stiffest broadsides in Texas – the ultimate American border state – at illegal immigrants, the ‘sanctuary cities’ that give them safe haven from deportation, and the pundits who have castigated him for declaring war on them all.

“We are a dumping ground for the rest of the world…You people are suffering…I’m in New York, but they’re in New York, too. They’re all over the place. It’s disgusting what’s happening to our country!”

Did you know Trump is surging with women.

He then makes a jab at Hilary Clinton. He states that he likes Carly and Ben two of the people he is running against, but Trump believes that he can negotiate the country like he runs his business.

He states that America NEEDS closer’s, not politicians doing illegal deals. The one thing we did like is that he refuses to take money from the bloodsuckers because all of it comes with strings. Then he names Jeb Bush and Hilary Clinton who take money to run. He spills the tea on the corruption of politicians and how he is going to reduce taxes.

He says that he’s been on the inside track about candidates running for President. He reveals that Hedge Fund guys still are NOT paying taxes, corporations are paying too much in taxes, middle Americans are getting erased by taxes and that he has a plan to get $200 trillion dollars back from other countries.

Trump explains how every President over the past 20 years have NEVER been able to make a deal to lower taxes. His pitch is to rebirth the American dream since it is dead.

The one thing we are NOT in favor of is his views on building a Wall between Mexico and the US. What makes more sense is enforcing stricter rules to become an American. Trump says that we are a dumping ground for the worlds worst people. America should rethink about giving non American’s $15k to achieve their American dream.

What about American’s who can’t get that?

That is what Trump talks about.

Watch and decide:

What do you think fo Donal Trump running for President?