TROLL PATROL: Zac Efron New Hairstyle

TROLL PATROL: Zac Efron New Hairstyle

What is the big deal about Zac Efron New Hairstyle?

Personally, we think Zac Efron new hairstyle is sic!

Zac Efron new look is on fire and if you don’t like, so what, you don’t have to.

What we find interesting is why do so many people think Zac cares what they think. He is doing him, and that is what life is about.

Read on and see the TROLL PATROL in full effect talking about Efron new hairstyle… has the latest TROLL PATROL when it comes to Zac Efron new hairstyle and it’s about 50/50 on love vs hate.

IOnce again our over sensitive society is making something out of nothing. Efron’s hair has posed a problematic example of white privilege given that black people are often mocked or discriminated against for having them.

No, it’s just a guy messing around with his hair. That’s all, but people have to say something.

Take a look at what the TROLL PATROL is saying about The Baywatch hunk because this is surely an Awkward Moment with fans:

What do you think about Zac’s hair?

TROLL PATROL: Zac Efron New Hairstyle

We are loving the look, but even Zac said that he was “doing it fun.”


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