Trick Daddy UNLEASHES a HAILSTORM of Anger on Meek Mill

Trick Daddy UNLEASHED a HAILSTORM of Anger on Meek Mill

If Meek Mill doesn’t watch his mouth Tricky Daddy is going to make sure he shuts it for him! Who does Meek Mill think he is?

Meek Mill just tried to claim that he is behind the Cuban links, yacht life and living the good life. Somebody NEEDS to tell Meek he NEEDS to #SDSTFU because Trick Daddy is READY! – Read on…

Trick Daddy UNLEASHED a HAILSTORM of Anger on Meek Mill just got a hold of Meek Mill, who has lately been trying to put claim on things that other rappers already influenced years back.

All Meek Mill has done is re-instill what Trick Daddy, Trina and other Dirty South artist have done in Miami. Diddy and Biggie were the ones behind  the Miami yacht life, NOT Meeky Millsap! How does a Philly rapper think he can claim Miami culture and NOT his own in PA? They say ignorance is bliss, here is a perfect example of ignorance, Meek Mill! He’s influenced NO ONE!

Here is what he said, because this PISSED OFF veteran rapper Trick Daddy:

“I don’t think you know. When you see people rolling their skullies up, when you see people with the diamond chains… everybody’s wearing Cuban links, when you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram — that come from the influence of Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us.”

Peep this:

Trick Daddy caught wind of Meek Mill trying to take claim on influencing Cuban Links and the culture in Florida. He is NOT HAPPY at ALL and has posted a very ANGRY, and VIOLENT VERBAL ATTACK on Mill.

We understand where Trick is coming from. Meek NEEDS to check himself, because he is NOT a INFLUENTIAL rapper of any sort. He’s just a Philly rapper, and that all.

What we want to know is where and when has Meek ever inspired a new generation of kids to stay away from the streets?


Trick Daddy FIRES BACK in FURY!

Trick Daddy has been insulted by Meek, who is trying to take credit for Miami culture, and then reducing it to materialistic interests like yachts and chains. These millennial rappers have some nerve.

Trick UNLEASHES more on Meek Mill. The Miami native BANS Mill from Miami forever.

Miami is BIKE LIFE! Trick Daddy is Miami Culture!

Here is a video tutorial for Meek and anyone who believes what puking out his mouth:

Biggie influence everyone back in the 1997 with this. Meek was born in 1987, he was 10. Who was he influencing?

Trick Daddy – “Bet That”

“I’m A Thug” – notice the Cuban Links around Tricks neck. The video came out in 2001. Meek was 13, still influencing NO ONE!