Trey Songz Squashes Beef With R. Kelly

(CelebNMusic247) Trey Songz Squashes Beef With R. Kelly!

Trey Songz and R. Kelly may have had their differences, but it looks like it’s all ancient history now.

Trey has found a new keen scenes of heart and is openly talking about Kel’s influence on his music and what he means to contemporary R&B as a whole.

Songz even reveals that he and Kelly spoke admitting that Kel’s is a huge fan of Trey’s work.

 Trey Songz told MTV News:

“I love R. Kelly. He recently said that he would love to work with me, said that he’s a fan of mine and that’s very special to me,”

“I can’t really explain how much that means to me. He’s been an influencer and an idol for me for a long time. We had our differences and right now we’re in a great place. No matter how well I do, [R. Kelly] is the king forever in my eyes.”

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