Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips


(CelebNMusic247-News) Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips

When it comes to being a celebrity you have to always be camera ready and when you hit the red carpet like the Grammy Awards the cameras start flashing and you must be able to dazzle the camera with a flawless look.

We reached out to celebrity make up and stylist Julia Papworth.

Julia is our go to liaison when it comes to celebrity style, glamour and fashion for Julia has worked with the best from Dexter star Julia Stiles, Elijah Wood star of The Hobbit, Star Trek‘s Chris Pine, former Playboy playmate and reality star Kendra Wilkinson, Jersey Shore and Jwoww & Snooki reality star Jenni ‘Jwoww’ FarleyAdam Samberg, Emma Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Portia Doubleday, Samuel L. Jackson, Ari Graynor, Sarah Silverman and many more…

Julia Papworth is constantly expanding her horizons, she continues to elevated her level of talent with a profound knowledge and catering to exactly what her client needs. Everyone is different and Julia knows how to find that perfect touch to make each of her celebrity clients shine in the spotlight.

Today Julia has exclusively sent her top 10 red carpet makeup tips to be ready and dazzle the camera with a flawless look.

Take a look and see what you need to know to be camera ready on the carpet:

10. Flash those pearly whites – Smiling is important, and therefore so is the color of your teeth. Take time a few weeks before an event to whiten your teeth with whitening strips and brightening toothpaste.

9. Exfoliate – Skin looks best when it is fresh and blemish free, and light exfoliation a few days before hitting the carpet will help to get it that way. It will also help create a smooth canvas for makeup to be applied.

8. Moisturize – There is nothing worse than dry and flaky skin on the red carpet. Make sure to moisturize both your face and body consistently leading up to the big day. I love Skin Authority’s Super-C Serum to pump up the moisture quotient in the skin. Also, remember to let the moisturizer sink in before applying your primer and makeup.

7. Battle the under-eyeDark circles look less than glamorous when photographed. Start using Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage a week or so before the event to help diminish puffiness. When it comes to concealer, use one with a pinkish hue to help combat the dark circles.

6. Beat the shine – No one likes to look at pictures of themselves and see a super shiny forehead. To battle the oil start with a great foundation primer, such as Dermalogica Skinperfect Primer, before you apply foundation. After all of your makeup is applied, make sure to set it with Make-Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder.

5. Drink water – Your mom has been telling you this for years. Water helps flush out toxins in the skin and helps you glow from within.

4. Layer your foundation – The secret with foundation is to achieve great coverage without it looking cakey or painted on. To get this make sure you layer your coverage. After the initial application go back to the areas you may need a little more coverage, such as the forehead or nose, and apply a little more. Also, remember to blend into your neck – no one wants to look like they are wearing a mask.

3. The eyes have it – No matter what look you are going for, mascara should play a powerful role. Remember to curl your lashes first, and then apply several layers of volume building mascara, like Dior Show Mascara in Blackout. If you want to go the extra mile, false lashes give the extra glam look.

2. Sun kissed skin – There is no denying it, sun-kissed skin really glows on the red carpet. I love Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer for the body and Nars Immuninator in Laguna for the face. Add a drop or two to your foundation and you will look like you just got back from a tropical vacation.

1. Glossy rules the carpet – A glossy lip color will help make the lips look fuller on the red carpet. A matte heavy look can also age a face, so remember to keep it bright! Also, before applying your lip color remember to exfoliate your lips. Dry, cracked lips have no place on the red carpet.

When it comes to flawless women on the Grammy red carpet last night a number of women knocked it out of the park with flawless hair and make up.

To start off, Adele was beat, her face was on point and her hair perfection, unfortunately her dress was over bearing, as seen above.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-1

Beyonce took things a step further with her fashion forward Audrey Hepburn jumpsuit and flawless make up.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-3

Taylor Swift was simple perfection.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-4

Kelly Osbourne was simply gorgeous.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-5

Jennifer Lopez was all leg, her dress was lackluster, but her JLo blow was on point.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-6

Alicia Keys had perfect hair.

211-Top 10 Red Carpet Camera Ready Makeup Tips-7

Rihanna dazzled in red accented with Beyonce lace front and voluptuous red lips.

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