Tony Hadley FORCED to QUIT Spandau Ballet?

Tony Hadley FORCED to QUIT Spandau Ballet?

Last year, frontman Tony Hadley of the 80s group Spandau Ballet believes he had no choice but to leave the group.

Hadley, the 58-year-old former frontman walked out on his bandmates; Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble in 2017.
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Tony Hadley FORCED to QUIT Spandau Ballet? has learned that Tony Hadley told OK! Magazine:

They can sugar-coat it as much as they like, but they know exactly why I left the band. I was forced into a no-win situation. I thought we’d go off and do solo work and I’d release my album, then we’d get back together again. That was the way I always planned it; they didn’t see it like that.

Hadley believes he had no choice but to leave Spandau Ballet last year because his bandmates backed him into a corner.

In addition, The “Gold” singer claimed that his strained relationship with Gary also played a role in his exit due to their conflicting views on politics:

If ever there was a rub between two people in Spandau, it was between the two of us. It’s just two big personalities in a small space. Politically we’ve never really seen eye to eye, so that’s an element of it.

If you recall, in 1990 Spandau Ballet split over a royalties feud. 19 years later the group reunited and put their differences aside for a reunion tour and the album ‘Once More’.

In 2015, they came back together only to split in 2017 due to another spat in which Tony feels he is in the right.

It seems they have learned nothing despite Tony previously saying:

It could never ever be the same. That’s impossible. But you learn to get along and put the past and the angst behind you.

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