TI Weighs In On Donald Trump: Black America is Being Bamboozled

TI Weighs In On Donald Trump: Black America is Being Bamboozled


Donald Trump is just days away from becoming the President of the United States for the next 4 years. But TI says, Black America is being Bamboozled!!!

Tip TI Harris wants people to WAKE UP and SEE THE LIGHT on what Donald Trump is doing…

TI Weighs In On Donald Trump: Black America is Being Bamboozled

CelebNMusic247.com just got this video from TI, who is holding NOTHING BACK when speaking on the president elect, Donald Trump.

TI wants everyone to “Spread knowledge,and accept the truth”:

“Happy MLK Day Everybody. Spread knowledge,accept truth,fight hate, oppose prejudice, abandon foolishness today in His Honor!!!!!#USorELSE”

Over the weekend, Tip TI Harris, wrote an open letter about Trump expressing his feelings, but apparently people NEED help to SEE THE LIGHT.

Why Millennials NEED to WAKE UP!

The problem with America these days is that everyone is willing to conform. We conform for iTunes, iPads, Cellphones, Cable, DirectTV, Technology, online dating, pier pressure of friends and music videos who tell us we NEED to live the high life. Millennials are so conformed they have no clue what its like to be off the grid for more than a week.

In the early 90s teens, college students weren’t conformist, they all had their own minds, believes and vision to make the world better for themselves or everybody. These days students do what they are told by the Internet, music videos, and searchable advice.

First Tip points out:

“Sound familiar? Malcolm knew it then…. Be Aware, Be Alert, or Be Bamboozled. #USorELSE #LetterToTheSystem”


TI Weighs In On Donald Trump: Black America is Being Bamboozled

This is why rapper turned artist-activist, TI took to instagram to spread the word on what is going on.

Here is what Tip TI Harris has to say about TRUMP:

“Attn.!!!! Be clear…. There IS an agenda behind all these meetings. I shall explain in detail. Be aware. Be alert. Or Be Bamboozled!!!”

He continues:

“Ok so this how it all breaks down guys…. Be aware Be alert or Be bamboozled. #USorELSE pt.2”


He concludes:

“Given what’s goin on between him & Congressman Lewis…. All y’all looking CRAZY right now!!!! Be Aware, Be Alert, Or Be Bamboozled Pt.3”

@troubleman31 #ti points out more facts in be #bamboozled pt 3 #whatdoyouthink #thoughts #instarepost #instagood #instalike

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We want to challenge any millennials who can last 30 days without the internet, cellphone or tablet. Go back to a time where you can search, use google maps, Xbox, PS2 or speak to Amazon echo or siri? Can you go without technology?

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