THOT Puts Atlanta Rapper CASH OUT On Blast

Rapper Cash OUT

Now many people are still asking who is Cash Out, but now thanks to a THOT who just put Atlanta rapper CASH OUT on BLAST, you might know who he is!!!

Wait until you see what a THOT just did to rapper Cash Out on the flip…

Rapper Cash OUT just learned that rapper Cash Out has a sex tape floating around and in the video, which we saw, he likes to be called daddy while he’s working.

In the video you hear Cash Out saying, “call me daddy…say daddy…yeah call me daddy”

of course the THOT replied:

“Yes Daddy” in the video.

What we’ve learned is that the tape first leaked on Twitter then made its way onto Tumblr. Rapper Cash Out, real name John-Michael Hakim Gibson, and his lady friend from this video are no longer together, according to the people who LEAKED the tape.

The Columbus, Georgia rapper, who was later raised in Atlanta debut album Let’s Get It, was released on August 26, 2014. His biggest hit of the album was the song CASHING OUT, which reached number 1 on the Billboard Rap charts. Since then it’s been cricketts until now. He just dropped a new single/video called “Daddy,” which is the same thing he likes to be called in bed and by the size of his sausage we understand. He be doing big thangs!

if you noticed the photo above, Cash Out be working with a big sausage, check the imprint. And when it comes to Cash Out and his stroke, he has this to say in a video below where he gives advice to women when they get old.

He says:

I’ll still be strokin, but women “Better get rich while y’all winning unless you age like fine wine ?”

Check it:

Better get rich while y’all winning unless you age like fine wine ???????….. ???CashOutBigDaddy

A video posted by BIG DADDY (@1cashout) on

As for the video, you will have to CLICK HERE to the source who has a link to the video of Cash Out Smashing and wanting to be called daddy!