The Real Addresses Tamar Braxton Apology Following Wendy Interview

The Real Addresses Tamar Braxton Apology Following Wendy Interview

Tamar Braxton has apologized to her ex-colleagues on “The Real,” two years after her dramatic exit from the talk show.

On Wednesday, The Real co-hosts Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Tamera Mowry, and Jeannie Mai speak about Tamar Braxton’s apology over the summer. The ladies of The Real are now extending an olive branch to Tamar saying she is always welcome to come on the show and talk it out like Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes did on Tuesday. Read on to get the tea on The Real addressingTamar Braxton Apology… has the latest from The Real’s Loni Love who says she and her co-hosts had “nothing to do with Tamar Braxton being fired.”

Braxton wrote on Instagram back in June via PageSix:

When all u know and felt is hurt. You hurt. Self inflicted and to others are included. From my sisters, the ladies of the real, Iyanla, old and new Friends and whomever else I’ve EVER hurt, from being hurt. Please forgive me.

Braxton was on Wendy Williams on Wednesday, an hour before The Real, speaking on if she would ever return on the show.

Tamar kept it classy saying:

I love you. I love you.

Braxton felt she would be used as a marketing tool and added:

Here’s the thing. No shade, but I just wish everyody well. I just feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself. What if I was in a situation where I’m doing [Braxton Family Values] and it’s very stressful, and I’m doing this other show where people are being catty behind my back. What kind of person would I be right now, sitting on this couch? I wouldn’t be focused. I wouldn’t be ready for my transformation. I wouldn’t be ready for my elevation. And that’s where I go to go. I gotta go up and up and up and up.

The Real aired right after Williams in some markets, and the ladies addressed Braxton’s comments.

Loni was the first to speak on Tamar speaking with Wendy Williams.

In attempt to save face, Loni Love said:

We were just watching Wendy live. Hi, Wendy. First of all, thank you for calling us a cute show. We’re also an Emmy winning show. So don’t forget that sis. Tamar Braxton was your guest and we appreciate the fact that you brought us up. I just want to be… full disclosure, it’s been three years. I don’t know why you guys keep talking about this whole situation.

Loni agreed and added:

Tamar Braxton gave us an apology [this summer] for everything that happened, which these girls at this table had no issue of doing. Since then, that apology has been taken down. I, in my humble opinion of trying to be the strong black woman, invited her to come on the show for season six. It was a simple, public ask. I did try to call her privately. I’ve been texting her. I get no response. So, I just put it out there.

In the end, as Tamar said, she still got used as a marketing ploy for The Real.

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