The Game and YG Lashes Out At Grammy’s


The Game and YG Lashes Out At Grammy’s

Every year there is one or two artists that get upset that didn’t get nominated for a Grammy Award and this year The Game and YG Lashes Out At Grammy’s!

The Game and YG SLAM the Grammy’s claiming that the Music Award show is rigged because gangster rappers are getting screwed over.

Let’s be real, the Grammy’s NEVER rep rap like that. It is mostly for pop, country and rock and trendy hip hop music, but we agree it is NEVER towards real rappers (black) – the awards tend to be white-washed like last years Macklemore wins.


There were true hip hop artists who deserved to win, like drake, so we get why Game and YG are lashing out, but we don’t think it’s ever going to change.  Daft Punk was another artist that won a load on Grammy’s but it was because of the powerhouse behind them, NOT because they are talented. The album was just ok, but NOT Grammy Award winning. #MoneySpeaksLoud

Anyways, here is what Game tells TMZ:

People at the Grammys “don’t respect our culture or our music. Unless we cross over, we ain’t winning s**t.”

YG is incredulous … his album, “My Krazy Life,” debuted at #1 on Billboard yet he didn’t get a single nomination. He told Big Boy Tuesday his music was way better than most, but he wouldn’t be specific.

The irony … both YG and Game think the Grammys shut out any rapper who is not mainstream, which is ironic given that YG sold more albums than just about anyone in the rap category in 2014.

Game’s parting shot … “We can’t even get police convicted of coldblooded murder, so we definitely ain’t winning no f**king Grammy.”

Do you agree or disagree?