The 30 Greatest West Coast Cd’s Of All Time

(CelebNMusic247) The 30 Greatest West Coast Cd’s Of All Time:

FreshasFrankie bought you the top 10 Greatest Down South list now it’s time to Bring you our top 30 Greatest West Coast Cd’s ever. Some people will disagree with the top 30 that just means either you are dumb or are too young to know about these CD’S or simply just have no clue what great music is.

This list is not based on new rappers with one or two hits but the origin of West Coast Music the birth when everything was original not bandwagon. Just like Up North East Coast West Coast is often overlooked as far as producing creative hip-hop talent.

If you are a real music head like you would and should know it’s has produced some of the best talent such as N.W.A., Tha Dogg Pound and Cypress Hill. In no particular order, here are the top 30 West Coast CD’S Ever.

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