Terry Crews BLAST Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

Terry Crews BLASTS Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

Since Terry Crews has gone public recalling a disturbing encounter with Adam Venit of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Hollywood is CLAPPING BACK!

Terry Crews has apparently PISSED off a few too many people and now they’re on a mission to sear campaign to ruin his credibility. The former NFL linebacker-turned action and comedy star is NOT scared to speak about the truth. Read on to find out what Terry Crews BLASTS…

Terry Crews BLASTS Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

CelebNMusic247.com has received more developments regarding Brooklyn Nine Nine star Terry Crews, since a fake story will be surfacing this week.

Since, Terry Crews spilled the tea about the high powered William Morris Endeavor Entertainment inappropriately groping him at a party, Radar Online is running a story.

Crews took to Twitter to EXPOSE the website for threatening him with a FALSE STORY:

The former “Everybody Hates Chris” star writes:

“1 day after my @GMA interview, @radaronline threatened me w/ a false story abt me hiring 2 hookers at the 2015 Monte Carlo TV Festival.”

“It never went 2 press because it was a lie.”

“This was not a coincidence. I told u they were coming 4 me. I also told you I am ready.”

Take a look at the “Friday” franchise stars post exposing Radar Online:

Terry Crews BLASTS Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

Terry explains why he didn’t attack Adamd Venit at the time of the groping. He explains that being a big black man beating up a WME agent would had landed him behind bars.

He explains:

“”If I would have just retaliated in defense, I would be under the jail right now. That’s one thing I knew, that being a large African-American man in America, I would immediately be seen as a thug,” he added. “But I’m not a thug. I’M AN ARTIST.”

What do you think about the website posting a story that is untrue? Are they working for Venit?