Terminator Genisys Slammed By Critics


Terminator Genisys Slammed By Critics!!!

The Terminator movie is not even out yet and now Terminator Genisys Slammed By Critics claiming that the newest installment is ‘Ludicrous and a Depressing Spectacle’.

Remember when the studio said that the new installment was doing some revamping that will change the whole franchise and may have fans of Terminator hate the film?

Well it appears that Terminator Genisys is living up to the precurser warnings.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report via DigitalSpy:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally back as the T-800, but it’s probably best not to expect a classic if the first reviews of Terminator Genisys are anything to go by.

The first wave of verdicts have landed and Arnie’s big comeback is on the receiving end of a bit of a critical beating. It seems not even the presence of Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke can revitalise the franchise.



We round-up a selection of the first (largely brutal) reviews below:

“It is, on the face of it, a ludicrous and faintly depressing spectacle, like watching a Terminator highlights reel stiffly enacted by Hollywood’s latest bright young things (which makes the appearance of JK Simmons all the more welcome in the minor role of a police detective).

“Yet while Terminator Genisys is far from a perfect movie, it may well be a perfect product of its time and place, one that ably reflects the ruthless economy of the industry in general and the thematic logic of this series in particular.” – Variety

“Arnold Schwarzenegger once again declares, ‘I’ll be back’ in this fifth installment of the Terminator franchise, but enough already.

“Spending half its time showing unkillable cyborg characters getting shot up only to quickly heal themselves, and the other half trying to explain a plot that rewrites the entire series, Terminator Genisys will serve as a good litmus test of how keen the public is to see basically the same old thing in a new (but very similar) bottle.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“The least inspiring thing about Terminator Genisys is how it’s a fifth film that doesn’t improve or expand on the prior four so much as it’s meant to clearly set up Part Six, Part Seven and possibly even more.

“In 1984’s The Terminator, machines came back from the future to wipe out humanity. With Terminator Genisys, a whole franchise comes back from the past to water down summer moviegoing.” – The Wrap

Basically, the reviews are saying if you were to spell out garbage with a movie the spelling would be Terminator Genisys.

Maybe he term “I’ll Be Back” should have died when Arnold’s career did?

He’s been trying to find that right movie to breathe life into his acting career since his politician days are over and so far nothing is working.


Will you still rush out to watch Terminator Genisys or wait until OnDemand?