Teresa and Joe Giudice NJ Mansion Fire Sale

Teresa and Joe Giudice NJ Mansion Fire Sale-0107-1

Teresa and Joe Giudice NJ Mansion Fire Sale!?!

Since Orange is the new Black for Teresa Giudice her husband is desperate to sell and now Joe Giudice NJ Mansion Fire Sale!

CelebNMusic247.com has just caught word that Teresa and Joe Giudice just DRASTICALLY reduced the asking price for their New Jersey mansion.

Desperate times ask for desperate measures!


Here is the hot tea spilling on Joe trying to sell the NJ Mansion:

The convicted couple just slashed half a mil off the asking price. But the situation is more dire than it seems. They had initially listed the house for $3.99 million, but there were no takers, so in November they lowered the price by $500,000. Still no takers.

The latest cut brings the asking price to a relatively reasonable $2.99 mil. Their realtor believes that should do the trick.

Teresa and Joe are cash strapped after their conviction and they want to radically downsize.

Time to re feng shui their lives!