Teresa Giudice Hiring A Nanny


Teresa Giudice Hiring A Nanny!?!

The countdown to Teresa Giudice lock down in two weeks which means the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is leaving her 4 daughters in Joe Giudice’s care.

Well it seems that Teresa has been having second thoughts so she has a plan B, since Joe might need a little help with the girls. See she’s worried about Joe managing everything in her absence. Rumors of divorce have swirled, but a source says Teresa and Joe’s marriage is fine, they are just trying to juggle the stressful situations they’re currently dealing with – mainly Teresa’s worries that Joe won’t be able to fulfill the full-time parenting role.

Teresa is turning to her mother and sister to help Joe Giudice. A source revealed that “they are going through a rough time right now.”


Here is what we are hearing via an insider shares with People:

“Teresa may have to hire someone to help care of the children. I know she is displeased that he is not taking any initiative to learn the girls’ routines. They have a lot of activities.”

Still Teresa is still “in love” with Joe. “She never says anything derogatory about him,” the source adds.

Well…errrr… OK!