Tekashi 6ix9ine Album Sales Take an L

Tekashi 6ix9ine Album Sales Take an L

Tekashi 6ix9ine Album Sales Take an L!

Yeah, it’s true, Lil Durk album sale are soaring while 6ix9ine’s album sales projections PLUMMET.

6ix9ine has been talking major smack about his album sales going to be crazy. Tekashi is getting a taste of his own medicine after several rival rappers are TROLLING him online. Read on to see why Tekashi 6ix9ine album sales take an L

CelebnMusic247.com Tekashi 6ix9ine album sales take an L after all the smack talking he’ done. It apparently backfired in his face.

We previously reported that Tekashi 6ix9ine was doing any and everything possible to get clout from the culture.

What he hasn’t realized is the culture has CANCELLED his @ss!

The rappers who he was talking smack about are now TROLLING him online after numbers indicate his projected album sales may come in way lower than expected!

Tekashi 69 boasted over the fact that his album, Tattle Tales, was expected to pull 150,000 sales in the first week. If he had succeeded it would’ve put him securely on the top of the music charts.

But, a new report now suggests the number might be as low as 50,000 — and it’s based on rules connected to merchandise bundling with music, and how its counted. – TheBlast

6ix9ine’s album is the worst piece of trash. The lyrics are amateur and weak. Tattle Tales ain’t worth anyone’s time or money.

As you can imagine, a few of Tekashi’s rivals are BLASTING him over the revelation! (above)

Check out how happy hip hop fans are since 6ix9ine album takes L:

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